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Have You Always Wanted An Amex Card. Here is am amazing card from American Express which has NO ANNUAL FEE.
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Editors Note:
We analyse all credit card brands including some of the credit unions so you will make the best choice.
NAB, Commonwealth, Westpac, American Express, ANZ, GE Money, Wizard, Aussie, Virgin, St. George, Retail Cards (i.e. GO), Bank West, Citibank and many more...
Welcome To Credit Card Assist

Which Australian Credit Card & US Credit Card Is Rated Number 1?
Why Do Some People Get Any Credit Card & Credit Limit They Want?
Why Do Some People Pay No Credit Card Fees At All?
Why Do Some People Travel Around The World, First Class, From Their Credit Card?

It is a myth that these people are just lucky or cheating the banks. They just know something that you may not know yet but we will share with you. Credit Card Assist was a service setup to help people such as yourself soure the best and most appropriate credit card(s) for your situation.
It is a fact that some people want frequent flyer programs or large spending limits whereas others are more interested in no annual fees or interest free periods.
We will not only answer all these questions for youand show you the best credit cards for you but we will also give you insider tips, tricks and facts about things like average times on hold for call centres, how to negotiate the best deals and stop banks charging you unnecessary fees as well as do all the comparisons of the various features of every credit card

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A lot of people are sick and tired of banks and credit insitutions slugging them with fees and feel a No Annual Fee Credit Card is the best and fairest card for them as they will only pay if they use the card and it is out of the Interest Free Period and not just for the privilige of having a credit card.
Two things are important to note for these type of credit cards;
1. Some credit cards revert to an annual fee after the first year.
2. Some credit cards do not have an interest free period so you are charged interest straight away once you make a transaction.

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